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This is my short update of how day 6 of my polyphasic sleep experiment went.  It seems as though my body may be starting to adapt. So this finalises the initial adaptation phase.  From now on I will be giving you updates when interesting things happen.  But I do have a secret plan for things […]

  Why would anyone do this type of an experiment?  Is polyphasic sleep not just a form of sleep deprivation?  And isn’t sleep deprivation just plain bad for you and your health? Well, in the video I share some of the reasons why I am intrigued by this and why I want to try it […]

  Day 4 of my polyphasic sleep experiment.  In this video I talk about regular sleep stages and what happens when we sleep in several shorter intervals as opposed to one long sleep.

  This is my third day on the 3 naps 1 core sleep schedule.  It is still a bit of a struggle.  But I have a hypothesis about why fasting may combine well with polyphasic sleep.  It has to do with growth hormones.  They are released when we get deep sleep.  But, if we limit […]

As expected I am feeling tired today.  And I have a small experiment to try to see if I am using my right or left hemisphere of the brain.  I use “The Spinning Lady”. I am not sure that this is in fact the best experiment.  But I plan to use it throughout my experiment. […]