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This is merely a short update from the exciting happenings in the jungle.   The top story revolves around the identification of the banana thief. Also, you get to test you fruit knowledge.  Can you guess the names of these two fruits?    

In this, the 19th episode of City Girl in the Jungle, you will find out what I am attempting to do about the outdoors mosquito population. There is a number of things on can do to diminish the number of mosquitos: –  Get rid of all containers and places that gather water, –  Trim the [...]

I have come back to my jungle, and decided it was time for an update.  In this episode I show you some of the fruits and plants I grow.  Among them are tomatoes.  In a humid tropical climate there are many fungus related diseases.  Unfortunately, my tomato plants have been affected.  And so I try [...]

The time has come to say good-bye for a couple of months.  There are some things outside of the jungle that have been calling me and so I will leave. Before leaving, however, I will show you some of the updates on the house inside.  There still is a lot of work to be done. [...]

One upon a time there was a small, small building that housed thousands of beings.  They had established a whole ecosystem and were happily living side by side.  There were large termites that had build their houses out of earth.  There were tree termites that had constructed round abodes by the ceiling.  There were cockroaches, [...]

I was recently made aware that one can employ some of our gut flora to work in the garden, improving the soil.  And so, in order to be able to grow some regular vegetables and leafy greens I have decided to try it out. To start with, I got some lactobacillus from a health food [...]

A couple of weeks ago I showed you how my friend Tyler did exercises for his eyes in order to improve his vision.   This got me thinking that vision training might be the only alternative for many who have very limited incomes.   A neighbor of mine, Ninha, a tiny but very cheerful lady [...]

In this episode I introduce you to some of the new baby fruit trees I have planted.  These include trees that give fruits like acerola, pitanga, star fruit, lychee, mangosteen, fig, avocado, and chocolate pudding fruit (brown sapote). I even planted coca-cola trees!  These are trees that give the cola nuts that one can make [...]

  Banana trees are not really trees.  They are more like grasses.  Each shoot grows rather quickly and gives one bunch of bananas.  After that it starts to slowly deteriorate and die.  As it dies new shoots come up, and each of these produces a bunch of bananas.  How many bananas you get will depend [...]

It is time to take a vacation.  I decided to start resting a little and discovered that it can be quite marvelous.  In the video I show you my first two bunches of bananas.  I picked them in the morning and decided to hang them in a cacau tree.  I liked it so much that [...]