By Basia

These are some of the links, books and other materials I have read and found useful to some degree:


Growing my food


“The Natural Way of Farming: The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy” by Masanobu Fukoka

A fascinating description of how it is possible to farm in a way that mimics nature.  There is no plowing, no tillage, no weeding, and the crops as are as good as or better than commercially grown food.

“Permaculture:  A Designer’s Manual” by Bill Mollison

The basics of permaculture design.  A large manual that covers many different climates and teaches the principles involved in living in accordance with nature.

 ”Secrets of the Soil – New Solutions for Restoring our Planet”  by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

Interesting accounts of non-traditional, innovative and often unexpected ways to restore soil health.


Some useful Agrodoks (see others here)

The vegetable garden in the tropics — Vegetables, small-scale crops, cultivation, garden tools

Soil fertility management — Problems, plant nutrients, fertilizers, green manuring, crop husbandry methods

Fruit growing in the tropics — Cropping systems, form and function, propagation, growth rhythm, crop protection, harvesting

Erosion control in the tropics — Erosion process, technical & agronomic control methods, cropping systems

Propagating and planting trees — Multiplication techniques, on-farm nursery, natural regeneration

Building my home


“Water from the Sky” by Michael Reynolds

This book is about rain water harvesting and building a water system that catches, stores, uses and re-uses the water.  Gray water, water coming from the sink, shower, bath and laundry is cleaned by plants and then re-used for flushing the toilets.

“Rain Water Harvesting for Domestic Use” by Janette Worm, Tim van Hattum

Short Agrodok on basic principles, pre-conditions, designing a system, materials, costs, water quality aspects, and maintenance.

“Earthship: How to Buid Your Own” by Michael Reynolds

This book goes through the different components of an Earthship, a self-sustainable home equipped with a water system, electricity, passive heating and cooling, some food production.  See their website for more info, pictures and videos.


Practical Action Documents

There is a number of very good, practical, documents that explain how to do all sorts of thing.  How to build filters, how to pump water, how to construct etc…