As expected I am feeling tired today.  And I have a small experiment to try to see if I am using my right or left hemisphere of the brain.  I use “The Spinning Lady”.

I am not sure that this is in fact the best experiment.  But I plan to use it throughout my experiment.

PS.  If you are an advanced observer, take a look at the 3D spinning lady!  Below you will see an image that upon first glance looks like an areal of a major ant battle.  But, if you can focus just the right way you will be able to see the spinning lady in 3D.  Give it a try, and let me know which way the 3D lady spins.


I got this from a friend who originally posted it here.

The Science Behind the Spinning Lady

As far as I have been able to find out the spinning lady was designed by a webdesigner named Nobuyuki Kayahara  as an optical illusion.

Apparently (based on an online survey of 1600 people) 66% of people tend to first see her spinning clockwise.  The reason for that is said to be that we have a bias of assuming that we see things from above, and look down on them, as opposed to looking up.  And if you see the lady from above she will look like she is spinning clockwise.

Is it related to left- or right-hemisphere brain activity?  I do not know it there is such a correlation.  Does one hemisphere have a bias toward looking down while the other looking up?  I do not know.(1)

And so, I will continue watching the lady spin throughout my experiment and report on any significant changes.



(1)  I could certainly create a bunch of different scenarios and ideas for why the right hemisphere might have a bias to look up more than the left, but ultimately I have no idea.

If you want one idea of why the right hemisphere might have more of an upwards looking bias it can be that before humans wandered out of the tropical rainforest (where they would arguably have much reason to look up) both the hemispheres were better coordinated and worked more like our right hemisphere does.  After wandering out into the savannah, and changing their diet and also the way their brain worked, augmenting the differences between the hemispheres and letting the left dominate, they also had more reason to look down and so formed such a bias.

Now, don’t believe a word I say here.  This is just my imagination, a hypothesis.  I have no science to back it up.