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In this, the 19th episode of City Girl in the Jungle, you will find out what I am attempting to do about the outdoors mosquito population.

There is a number of things on can do to diminish the number of mosquitos:

-  Get rid of all containers and places that gather water,

-  Trim the vegetation so that you do not have heavy bushes right next to the house,

-  Plant naturally mosquito repelling plants such as lemongrass up wind from the house.

My attempt in this episode focuses on introducing natural enemies.  In this case it is the bat, a highly skilled mosquito hunter.  I have learned that a single bat can eat as many as 600 mosquitoes in one hour.  Imagine what a small bat population could do in one evening.

In the video you will see what my bat house looks like.  I found the plans online.  There are many interesting resources out there that tell you all about the important details of bat houses, how they should be built, where they should be placed depending on the climate etc…

In the video you will also see how Nils is trained to become a skilled indoors insect hunter…


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