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My friend, Tyler Davis, who has been hanging out at the jungle farm and helping out for the last week has decided to do something very interesting.  He is near-sighted, has a -4 vision.  He has had poor vision since third grade and has been wearing glasses or contacts ever since.  Lately, however, things arranged so that he lost his contact lenses and broke his glasses.  We went into town to see if it would be possible to get new lenses, but they did not have any, and they were also quite expensive.  And so, Tyler decided to do vision training and train and relax his eyes back into perfect vision.

He is following Leo Angart’s vision training exercises.  You can learn more about all of the exercises from this vision training video.

Take a look and see how he does with one week of training.  Go Tyler!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Good luck and thank’s for sharing! I have -4 too and I’m aming for perfect sight! =)