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Did you know that you are suppressing your immune system, aging more rapidly, increasing your risk of getting all sorts of degenerative diseases (heart disease, cancer, etc) by using regular white light in the evenings?

I didn’t.  But now I do.  And so, I decided to share my “new discovery” with you guys.  Ok, so maybe it isn’t really “my” discovery.  It is just something I recently found out about.   Some people have known about this for decades now.

In this video I tell you about melatonin, and how you can have a few hours more of melatonin flowing through your body each day, boosting your immune system, helping regenerate cells, acting as a potent antioxidant.

And this is probably something you can actually feel.  When I first eliminated all blue lights (including white light which also contains the blue spectrum) in the evening I started to get sleepy earlier and sleep longer.  Nowadays I sleep nine to ten hours each night!  This was inconceivable to me before.  And I also feel much more rested in the mornings.  My body feels more supple and relaxed.  I spontaneously feel a sense of wellbeing in my body.


 How do you know if there is blue in your light?

In school you probably learned that if you let light pass through a prism you will be able to see the spectrum.  But, then again, who has a prism laying around the house?

Image from Mark Tiele Westra showing how to make a spectrometer from a CD and a box.

Actually, you may not have a prism, but you most likely have an awesome diffraction grating.  Any CD’s around?  Those are perfect tools for evaluating what type of light you have around you.  All you need is a CD and a box.  You may also need some tape, something to cut with, and possibly some disposable razors (or anything with a good clean edge).

Mark Tiele Westra has created a wonderful site showing you how to make your own spectrometer out of a CD and a cardboard box.

This works really well, if your slit is done with some precision.  And you can easily see if there is any blue light coming from your light sources.  You can also test glasses and see if they let any of the blue lights pass.


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