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One upon a time there was a small, small building that housed thousands of beings.  They had established a whole ecosystem and were happily living side by side.  There were large termites that had build their houses out of earth.  There were tree termites that had constructed round abodes by the ceiling.  There were cockroaches, spiders, flies, mosquitoes, and many other unidentifiable creatures.  Along came frogs, and toads, and lizards, and bats.  And so they lived happily for years, until the human came.

The human, me, decided to take over the house and evict all of them.  They protested, and tried to come back, but in the end they found other places to live.

In the video I show you some of the transformation the house has undertaken over the last couple of months.

Also, I show you the first papaya from my little jungle.  It is more orange colored than most, and tastes wonderfully sweet and flowery.

In the end I challenge you to find something peculiar about the instructions to change fuses.




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