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In this episode I introduce you to some of the new baby fruit trees I have planted.  These include trees that give fruits like acerola, pitanga, star fruit, lychee, mangosteen, fig, avocado, and chocolate pudding fruit (brown sapote).

I even planted coca-cola trees!  These are trees that give the cola nuts that one can make cola beverages from.  I planted 20 of the cola trees, but the leaf cutting ants had a feast one night and left me with only two.

And so, now I am planting my trees with some plastic wrapped around the trunc, with grease on the plastic.  All to discourage the leaf-cutting ants to cut down my trees.  So far, one week into the expriment it seems to be working.  No new trees have been attacked.  We shall see how it will continue.

While working on all of this, I have run across a number of interesting and rather eccentric insects and other creatures.  All of these have been carefully documented for you.

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  1. Ockert says:

    Anita,That’s a great question. I see a lot of ppeole growing their citrus trees in large pots. Some ppeole want to be able to take their beloved trees with them when/if they move.Dwarf trees are easier to keep in pots, but not required. I see a lot of regular fruit trees of all varieties planted in large pots with drip running to each tree.Pruned properly they will produce amazing fruit and be portable, for some time.