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Banana trees are not really trees.  They are more like grasses.  Each shoot grows rather quickly and gives one bunch of bananas.  After that it starts to slowly deteriorate and die.  As it dies new shoots come up, and each of these produces a bunch of bananas.  How many bananas you get will depend on how rich in nutrients your soil is, and how good the climate agrees with the banana plants.    The richer the soil, the more bananas on each bunch.

What I do is to cut down the shoot after I cut down the ripening bunch of bananas it has created.  I then cut the shoot into pieces, that I leave for the new shoots, as fertilizer.

In this episode of City Girl in the Jungle I have two of my friends show you how to cut down a bunch of banans.  The bunches are usually rather heavy, and often quite high up.  But my friends will show you how to easily get a bunch down.  For my friend from overseas it is actually the first time to cut down a bunch of bananas.  My other, younger friend, has done this before, as you might see.

I am very happy to be able to share this with you, especially because of a recent incident that almost prevented me from being able to create further episodes of City Girl in the Jungle…  I happened to leave my computer in a place where it rained in on it.  When tilting the computer, water was gushing out.  And so, I thought that this might have been the last of my computer.  Luckily, very, very luckily, I managed to dry the computer and it seems to be doing ok.  In the episode you will see my drying procedure in full detail.


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