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  My piece of land once used to be covered by the Atlantic Rainforest.  Then, there were sugarcane plantations and cacau plantations in the area.  Part of the land was converted to grass for animals.  A large part of it is currently Atlantic Rainforest in re-generation, large parts of that have an understorage of cacau.  [...]

Why would an apparently sane person decide to move out of a comfortable city into a tropical jungle?  This is question I was left with after seeing a friend over lunch. As soon as I started “breaking from the mold” and doing things in a slightly different way I was forced to learn about thing [...]

You’ve heard it before:  “Listen to your inner voice!”  ”Follow your passion!” But have you ever actually done it? Up until now my answer was:  ”No, not really.” But now, it is all about to change. I am about to follow my passion all the way into the jungle, where I plan to build a [...]