About Me

By Basia


Basia City Girl in the JungleName: Basia.

Background: Born and raised in comfy apartments of northern cities and towns.

Until recently unable to identify a banana tree (which apparently is not even a tree).

Diet: Fruit based diet made up of raw, fresh, ripe fruits, some vegetables and tender leafy greens.

Used to: latitude 60, temperatures -20C to 20C (-4F to 68F), low humidity.

Moving to: latitude 14, temperatures 22C – 30C (72F to 86F), 80% humidity.

Agricultural experience: Keeping house plants alive.

Greatest agricultural achievement: Proudly kept a basil plant alive in a pot for over a month!

Architectural experience: Dreamt of becoming an architect when young teenager, at which point I made some house drawings.

Building experience: At present limited to sand castles on the beach.

Goal: Follow my passion and attempt to build a kind, self-sustainable life within a year.  Become self-sufficient in food, water, electricity.  Work with Nature and simultaneously increase soil fertility and biodiversity.  Share whatever I learn with others.


  1. Michal says:

    Wesolych Swiat.
    Powodzenia w dzungli.