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This is my short update of how day 6 of my polyphasic sleep experiment went.  It seems as though my body may be starting to adapt. So this finalises the initial adaptation phase.  From now on I will be giving you updates when interesting things happen.  But I do have a secret plan for things […]

  Why would anyone do this type of an experiment?  Is polyphasic sleep not just a form of sleep deprivation?  And isn’t sleep deprivation just plain bad for you and your health? Well, in the video I share some of the reasons why I am intrigued by this and why I want to try it […]

  Day 4 of my polyphasic sleep experiment.  In this video I talk about regular sleep stages and what happens when we sleep in several shorter intervals as opposed to one long sleep.

  This is my third day on the 3 naps 1 core sleep schedule.  It is still a bit of a struggle.  But I have a hypothesis about why fasting may combine well with polyphasic sleep.  It has to do with growth hormones.  They are released when we get deep sleep.  But, if we limit […]

As expected I am feeling tired today.  And I have a small experiment to try to see if I am using my right or left hemisphere of the brain.  I use “The Spinning Lady”. I am not sure that this is in fact the best experiment.  But I plan to use it throughout my experiment. […]

My first day of the Polyphasic Sleep Experiment!  Today I share with you my sleep schedule and how I have tweaked it, based on some great comments and suggestions I got. I want to make sure that my core sleep is a cycle of entire 90 min intervals. I want to have some sleep before […]

Polyphasic Sleep Experiment Introduction

Posted: 9th February 2018 by Basia in Polyphasic Sleep

  I have decided to try out something new.  It is new to me, but not to the world.  In fact, there is an entire tribe in the Amazon that lives this way.  Instead of sleeping through the night, they nap for 20 min a bunch of times.  But, to start with I decided I […]