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Eating ripe pineapple, straight off the plant, still warm from the sun is an amazing experience!  It turns out that the pineapple I have growing on the farm is the best pineapple I have ever had.  When ripe it turns orange and is perfectly sweet.  There is not acidity and no feeling of burning in [...]

My friend, Tyler Davis, who has been hanging out at the jungle farm and helping out for the last week has decided to do something very interesting.  He is near-sighted, has a -4 vision.  He has had poor vision since third grade and has been wearing glasses or contacts ever since.  Lately, however, things arranged [...]

I have never planted watermelons, or even really seen them grow.  But I hear that they love sun, water, space and nutrients.  And so, based on this I came up with a plan for my watermelons.  I found an open space with lots of sun.  I opened it up with a machete and dug smiley [...]