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Jack-fruit season has started.  I have both hard and soft jack-fruit.  The trees are very high and it is not so easy to climb them and get down the jack-fruit.  Luckily, the trees serve the fruit when it is ready.  When the hard jack-fruit falls it is usually intact.  The soft jack-fruit, on the other [...]

In order to be able to plan my jungle farm I have to know what I have and what it all looks like.  To do that I need to clean things up a bit. In some places it is a matter of reorganizing the what is on the ground.  In other places I need to [...]

Horses and donkeys are really nice.  But there is a reason why they should not be kept in a garden. Since I do not have a good fence or gate at my property I have horses and donkeys walking around, helping themselves to new banana trees, cacau trees etc…  I also have people happily riding [...]

Finally!  I arrive at my jungle farm.  And there is so much to do.  But I already have some fruit that is growing and should be ripening within the coming weeks and months.  You can see jack-fruit, bananas, pineapples, cacau-fruit, and I also have plenty of coco-nuts! But I also have some challenges… as you [...]

I will need to build something to live in.  I have never build anything.  At age 12 I tried building a tree house, and was not really successful.  So I need to learn a little before heading out into my jungle farm. Therefore I decided to participate in a Bamboo Construction Course, given by an [...]

On the 11th day of the 11th month, year 2011, I set out on my journey to the jungle.  I felt very confident in having prepared all I would need.  Due to flight regulations I had packed 20kg of useful things to bring along, and I had checked that I had my documents. I soon [...]